Informed by the academic community, the guiding principles below, provide the Okanagan Advisory Committee for Learning Spaces a framework to inform and guide the committee’s work and responsibilities. The committee recognizes that the practices to translate these principles into action will evolve with the campus, its environment, and evidence-informed pedagogy. As a result, practices are to be evaluated and reviewed on an annual basis to ensure relevancy.

Our guiding principles

In order to create the best possible learning and teaching experience, we follow six general design principles for learning spaces*: 


Foster innovation through classroom design and technology.

Diversity and flexibility

Support space flexibility that enhances a wide diversity of participants’ experiences and activities.


Foster active and collaborative spaces for learning.


Design spaces and provide consistent, cohesive support for the use of learning spaces.

Functionality and optimization

Recognize classroom functionality for space efficiency and optimization.  

Comprehensive Consider all current and planned programmatic needs of the campus.

*Learn more about our guiding principles in the full Learning Spaces Design Guidelines (PDF).


Together, we aim to create an exceptional teaching and learning environment to support world-changing research and thinking.
-UBC VP Academic